We love making bread and hope you enjoy our bread just as much

You can count the ingredients on one hand: flour, water, salt and yeast plus the magic of time to produce a wholesome and tasty loaf that tastes like it matters.

All our bread includes a natural dough or Mother dough which is nurtured and fed daily to provide the essential lift and character to each loaf. We simply add time and skill to make it perfect.

Mother Dough

A Mother dough is a natural yeast culture of flour and water that slowly matures to bring a wonderfully tangy flavour, rich aroma and chewy texture to our loaves. Our Mother dough was born in June of 2007 and has helped to make amazing bread ever since.

Our Breads


Tin, bloomer or bap the choice is yours. A soft, creamy crumb and a caramel crust make it perfect for crispy bacon, strawberry jam or just butter.


A rich, malty flavour that toastes to perfection with grilled cheese or marmalade it’s impossible to decide.A bap for lunch, perhaps a bloomer or tin for the week.


Spelt was widely grown in Roman times and is an ancestor of modern wheat. We use a mixture of wholemeal spelt and white, it makes a light and nutty loaf for all occasions. We like it dipped in hearty soup.


Made with organic flour from Pimhill farm just a few miles south of our bakery it’s a personal favourite of mine and a pleasure to bake with. An amazing depth of flavour, a darker and slightly denser loaf.A rich pate or mature cheddar will never dull on this tasty bread.

Watergate Sourdough

Our Motherdough has slowly bubbled and eagerly lifted our sourdough loaves since 2007 and with our care and attention will do so for many years to come. We add a little wholemeal to our mix to make it extra special. It needs no accompaniment, it just needs a chance to be enjoyed.


Kamut is a commercial name for Khorasan wheat which can be traced back to ancient Egypt and produces a creamy crumb and pleasantly doughy texture. We add white flour to the mix to help lighten the loaf and recommend you try this bread toasted. It’s incredible with butter and jam.

Cheese & Onion

A white dough combined with mature cheddar and white onion to produce a soft, luxurious loaf that complements cold meats and salads.Toasted it makes a decadent ‘Egg on Toast’


Einkorn is considered to be the earliest type of wheat grown and eaten by mankind. It’s a lovely rustic bread with a creamy crumb and corn-like flavour. Try it with a drizzle of honey and a portion of fruit for a healthy breakfast.


A mixture of white and wholemeal flour with added malted wheat flakes. It has a lovely nutty flavour which loves to be with a classic Ploughman’s Lunch.